Understand Your Dog's Behaviour

Loving your dog is easy... most of the time. For all those other times, we are here. This site will help you make sense of your dog's behaviour and help you know what you can do to help your furry friend behave and cope with dog-life better.

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dog lying in grass

Stress Signs in Dogs

Is your dog's behavior uncharacteristic? Does he seem distant or anxious? It could be that he's stressed out. Has he been shivering and panting more than normal or yawning excessively? Are his ears pinned back?  These are all common signs of anxiety, and you need...
puppys playing in ball pit

Rethinking Puppy Socialization

Puppy socialization is essential if you want your puppy to be confident, well-adjusted, and happy. Getting socialization right early on will help your dog deal with strangersand other dogsin an appropriate manner.  In the wild, dogs grow up with their packs. The other...
dog with stick in it's mouth

Predatory Behavior in Dogs

In the wild, a predatory drive is a survival mechanism. Unfortunately, this drive to prey doesn't translate well when it comes to a pet. A pet that sees you or any family member as prey can be dangerous. If your...
labradore puppy

How Do I Stop My Puppy From Biting?

Is there anything cuter than a puppy? They're adept at worming their way into our hearts. One look from those big, beautiful eyes and we melt. Their antics and even the mischief they get up to are all easy to forgive. ...
young golden labradore

Aversives in Training

There are two basic approaches to dog training today – positive reinforcement and aversive training. The former involves using positive associations to reward good behavior. With positive reinforcement, your dog gets a treat, cuddle, or toy for doing something right....
puppy in chair

All Animals are Food Motivated

You've got your pooch home and are starting to train him using treats. The dog might need some severe correction in his behavior. But what if your dog is not food motivated? Some dogs seem to be more treat motivated...
two gods fighting aggressively

Aggression in Dogs

Aggression manifests as snapping or biting, or your dog growling at family members, strangers, or other dogs.  Angry, biting, growling dogs can frighten people terribly or even injure them. Whether the dog directs it at one person or many, it's something that needs addressing...
girl with dog in field

C is For Consequence

CONSEQUENCE - The action or response that follows a behavior. The consequence determines whether or not the behavior will increase or decrease in frequency or intensity. Without going into a full discussion of the quadrants of operant conditioning (which fellow...

Reward Stations for Better Training

A common misunderstanding about reward-based training is the belief that dog owners will have to carry treats "all the time." But the beauty of reward-based training is that, unlike special collars, squirt bottles, and other aversive methods, you can train...

Could Pavlov’s Dog Come Back to Bite You?

Raise your hand if you walk into a post office and are flooded with warm, happy feelings. No? It's just me? When I was growing up, my grandmother was the Postmaster for her town's post office and I spent many...

No Magic Words in Dog Training

"What command do I use to get him/her to ________________?" Trainers get asked this a lot. As if there is one word that we can use to communicate to the dog exactly what we want. If it were that simple,...