Aggressive Dog Repellants

Why You May Need An Aggressive Dog Repellant

Dogs are man’s best friends. However, if improperly trained or placed in a provoking environment, they may show aggression towards people, animals, or objects. Plus, there’s no guarantee that all dogs you encounter will be gentle or friendly. With that said, aggressive dog repellants may keep you, your pet, or your furniture safe from canine attacks.

Note, however, that you need to select those that aren’t harmful or painful to dogs. They are living creatures, after all. We talk about the types of aggressive dog deterrents below.

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4 Types of Aggressive Dog Repellants

1. Dog Repellent Sprays (aka Pepper Sprays)

Dog repellant sprays have pepper extracts as their main ingredients. They cause eye irritation, disorientation, the difficulty of breathing, and intermittent blindness. But still, remember to use the safe kind only and only on immediate dog attacks or aggressive behavior control. For example, apply citronella-based or washable pepper spray on furniture to keep your dog from chewing on sofas or stools.

2. Sonic Repellants

Sonic repellents work by high-frequency emitting sounds. This type of aggressive dog repellant, though, has more downsides than significant effects to the user:

  • They require batteries, so you need to spend money on them regularly.
  • They may cause severe damage to the hearing of dogs.
  • Sonic repellants can also disturb the peace of neighboring dogs, other domestic pets, and nearby wildlife.

3. Motion-Activated Dog Deterrents

This type of aggressive dog repellent may take the form of a horn that produces a loud sound or a hose that squirts water after the sensor detects motion or vibration. It is used to keep aggressive dogs from attacking garden plants or provoking fights with other dogs or animals.

4. Essential Oils and Natural Juices

Some natural oils and juices safely keep dogs from being aggressive towards plants or personal belongings. They are best used to keep your dog from poisoning itself by biting on plants or objects that may be toxic to its system.

The commonly used dog deterrent essential oils and fruit juices include the following:

  • citronella
  • chili oil
  • garlic oil
  • lemon
  • apple cider vinegar
  • white vinegar
  • eucalyptus oil
  • cinnamon oil
  • mustard oil

Choosing the Best Aggressive Dog Repellent

The best aggressive dog repellant meets your particular circumstance. If you’re using it to protect you or your dog from attacks during a walk, a safe kind of pepper spray comes handy. On the other hand, dog training may be focused on chewing, bite playing, or barking, so anti-bark collars and essential oil sprays may keep them from acting up.

The best thing to do is do thorough research on the product/s you’re looking to buy. Read about their formulations and reviews by genuine customers. Choose an aggressive dog repellant that is non-toxic, eco-friendly, and safe on animals and humans. The goal is to stop the threatening behavior, not hurt the dog or anyone in the vicinity.

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