Best Collars for Aggressive Dogs

Dogs who exhibit aggressive behavior may require collars specifically designed to restrain them when you go on walks. This is for the safety of other people, yourself, and your dog. However, some collars marketed towards aggressive dogs are extremely dangerous and could exacerbate their behavior, which is often the result of underlying problems such as anxiety and trauma. These collars could severely injure your dog, as well as make it so that they never trust you or any other human ever again.

There are many types of collars you can check out to see which one might best suit your dog’s personality, energy level, and physical build.

1. Head Halters

head halter

Also known as headcollars, these work by moving the attachment point from the next to the head. This provides the handler with more control over your dog’s head, and as a result, the rest of the dog’s body.
This type of collar will ensure that your dog has a harder time pulling on their leash. This type of collar is best suited for dogs who regularly exhibit aggressive behavior such as biting, as the collar allows you to divert their movement before they strike.

However, keep in mind that yanking on your dog’s leash while it is attached to a head halter may severely injure them. Handlers must use this collar gently, and with keen awareness.

2. Slip Lead / Show Lead / Loop Lead

Slip Lead

These collars are most commonly used for shelter dogs, as well as show dogs. They work rather similarly to a choke chain, in that the collar part may be tightened without limit. These types of collars are designed to train your dog to not tug on their leashes and remain in close proximity to their handler.

Similarly to the head halter, these collars may cause damage and choking if your dog pulls too hard or if the handler jerks the leash. Again, this type of collar requires care and consideration of the dog’s comfort and wellbeing.

3. Martingale Collars

Martingale Collar

These are also called “limited slip” collars. They are a more relaxed version of the original slip lead. While they have a loop that allows the collar to tighten, there is a limit to prevent choking. The collar’s primary function is to prevent them from slipping out of their collar so that it hangs comfortably on their neck so long as they aren’t tugging on their leashes.

4. Safety Collars

Safety Collar

What’s helpful about this collar is that it has a safety mechanism that releases under pressure, to prevent hanging or choking when it snags on something. Its double-ring design lets you attach a leash without triggering the breakaway even when your dog tugs hard.

However, it cannot be grabbed during an emergency, as it will pull free. While it’s a good way to introduce collars to your dogs in a relaxed manner, it should not be used in open spaces, especially with aggressive dogs.

Wrapping up, what you want is a sturdy collar that will give you enough control over your dog’s movements, while at the same time be comfortable enough not to distress your dog any further. Keeping them relaxed is a good way to help improve their socialization skills and minimize aggression.

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