Best Dog Bark Deterrent

Barking is a natural and healthy response of dogs to external stimuli. But excessive amounts and loud tones of it can be annoying and stressful, especially in quiet neighborhoods. Proper training can correct such unfriendly behavior, but if commands don’t work, you can try using bark deterrent devices.

We reviewed two of the best dog bark deterrents on Amazon to help you in your pet training troubles. Here they are with their pros and cons so you can decide which works best for you.

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1. Runpettee Upgrade Mini Bark Control Device

Runpettee Upgrade Mini Bark Control Device

This is an ultrasonic bark control device with a sensitive microphone that emits an ultrasonic sound that reacts to dog barks. It is effective up to a distance of 50 feet. It can be attached to walls, is waterproof, and can easily be hidden.

Pros of the Runpettee Upgrade Mini Bark Control Device

  • This device has a miniature built that makes it easy to install at home and in the yard. It can be screwed into walls and tree trunks.
  • Its battery lasts for up to six months.

Cons of the Runpettee Upgrade Mini Bark Control Device

  • Volume control is needed, so it doesn’t cause hearing damage to humans and animals.
  • The battery needs to be replaced.

2. MODUS Ultrasonic Dog Bark Deterrent

MODUS Ultrasonic Dog Bark Deterrent

This is a handheld dog bark deterrent with an adjustable wrist strap. Like the first one in this list, it uses ultrasonic sound that is effective within a 16.4 feet range.

Pros of the MODUS Ultrasonic Dog Bark Deterrent

  • Because this is handheld, you can take it with you wherever you go. It can help keep your dog from acting up towards other pets outside. It can also protect you and your dog from aggressive canine attacks.
  • This device is easy to use. It works at the push of a control button. There’s also a green light indicator that lights up to signal it’s working.

Cons of the MODUS Ultrasonic Dog Bark Deterrent

  • Some review claim that the device isn’t effective on hyperactive dogs.
  • The device runs on triple-A batteries that need to be replaced when they run out of power. Note: The first set of batteries is included in the package.

If you’re looking for a portable dog bark deterrent and one that’s easy on the pocket, this is the device for you.

What to Look for in Dog Bark Deterrents

Safety comes first, for both animal and human, when shopping for anti-bark devices. Opt for one with a volume or frequency control, so it doesn’t do damage to hearing. The second consideration is the type of bark deterrent. Spray and ultrasonic types are available; choose one that suits your lifestyle and needs. One must also consider how or where it will be used. Installable types are best used at home, while handheld types are best used for training and walk around the neighborhood.

If you’re buying to use on a neighbor’s loud-barking dog, it’s best to discuss the situation and plan first with the owner to avoid misunderstandings.

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