Best Dog Car Harness

We’re not sure how things work in your home, but here, our dogs love going for a ride. It’s a race to get to the car door first. It’s hard to ignore that complete look of betrayal when you leave Fido at home.

There’s nothing wrong with taking your fur buddy out with you. You know, of course, not to leave him sitting in a hot car. Here’s something that you probably didn’t think of, though. What happens if there’s an accident?

You have your seat belt and airbags, but what about your dog? In this post, we’ll look at harnesses that allow your dog to travel safely.

Dogs with Car Harness

Best Dog Car Harness

The beauty of car harnesses is that they usually convert to a walking leash. If you’d prefer to keep a separate walking leash, check our Best Dog Harness review. Get a smaller pooch, then check our Best Small Dog Harness review.

It might also be useful to get one of these products if your dog’s a busy body in the car. Our dogs love to sit on the driver’s seat. They love it best of all when someone’s in the seat. Car harnesses are a lifesaver in our household.

Now, let’s give you some ideas for car safety products for your dog.

Kurgo Dog Harness

This is one of the premier models. The buckles are crash-test certified. The material is carefully tested for its tensile strength. It’s pricey but comes with a lifetime guarantee. It’s a pain the first time you clip it in, but you’ll get the hang of it.

PetSafe Deluxe

If you have a smaller dog, this model might be a better fit. It has a fully padded breastplate that extends down the dog’s body to keep even the busiest little body calm and in his place. The price isn’t bad, and the design is easy to use.

Dig sitting in car with car harness

Slow Ton Harness

If your dog is prone to getting hot, the Slow Ton harness is one of the most breathable options. They use a lot of mesh fabric in the harness itself to improve airflow to the skin.

As you can see, these car safety products are all pretty similar. There’s one caveat, though. You can convert most of these to a standard walking harness. You can’t, however, convert a standard walking harness to a car-safe one. Standard models may not be strong enough or connect in the right places.

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