Best Dog Harness

The importance of a dog harness to the wellness of your dog cannot be overstated. Unlike a collar which can inflict pain to your pup, a harness distributes the pressure over a larger surface area, thus allowing you to control the movements of your canine companion without inflicting any pain.


Read on as we shed more light on the best dog harnesses around;

Best Dog Harnesses for Every Dog or Situation

There are different types of harnesses available in the market. Most of these dog accessories are breed and situation-specific. Since harnesses can cost you a considerable amount to purchase, it is important to find one that perfectly fits your dog as you do not want to keep switching from one harness to the next depending on the dog or situation.

That is why instead of looking for the best dog collars, which can hurt your dog after repeated use, you should shift your attention to finding the best harnesses for your dog. Dog harnesses provide maximum comfort for your dog depending on the activities he or she participates in.

There is no conventional or standard rule for selecting the best harness, it all depends on the breed and characteristics of your dog.

To help you select the best harnesses that provide maximum comfort for your furry companion, we will provide extensive details on the leading harnesses depending on use.

Best No-Pull Dog Harness

If your dog is an aggressive puller, then you will probably need a harness that can manage his weight and pull-power. Fortunately, with the help of a no pull harness, you don’t have to struggle to control your powerful, highly energetic dog.

The Rabbitgoo Dog Harness No Pull for Small Medium and Large dogs, for instance, is one of the best no pull dog harnesses in the market that will keep your canine companion in check despite his energy levels.

Thanks to its unique design featuring two metal leash rings, this accessory makes your dog walks safer and more comfortable. You can easily stop your dog from pulling unnecessarily during your walks.

Rabbitgoo Dog Harness No Pull for Small Medium and Large Dogs is a hassle-free overhead harness and is pretty easy to take off and put on. Made of durable Nylon Oxford, the harness is very comfortable and protective to your dog’s skin. 

This no-pull harness is recommended for a wide variety of dog breeds including medium and large breeds such as Labrador, Alaska, Golden retriever, German shepherd, Akita, islands, among other breeds. The presence of a breathable mesh will keep your dog well ventilated when playing or enjoying outdoor activities. The Eagloo no pull harness is another well ranked harness that can keep your dog in order when out for your daily walks.

Best Escape-Proof Harness

Dogs are known to be smart and super cheeky. Once the idea of escaping a harness crops up, your dog will probably plan on ways to be free and run across the lawn or yard.

This is where escape-proof harnesses come in. Leading brands like the Harness Lead Escape Resistant Dog Harness will not allow your pup to pull the adorable- yet risky escape plan on you. This lightweight but heavy-duty rope assures resilience and sturdiness, which make it a long-lasting companion for your dog. With this gear, when the dog tries to back out of the harness, the leash tightens like a slip lead.

The Best Dog Harness for Walking

Maybe you’ve just got a new dog and you want to use the rover application to find a dog walker, or you just need a much better way to walk your pup so he doesn’t yank you down the road. If so, then you need a walking dog harness or a comfortable collar like the lupinepet to make your walks more enjoyable.

A harness puts pressure on the dog’s chest instead of the neck. This not only reminds the dog not to pull, but it’s also safer for the dog’s body.

This is where the RUFFWEAR –Front Range, Walking, All-day Wear comes in. This lightweight harness is made for all-day out adventures. The accessory’s 2 leash attachment points stand up to pulling and gives you additional control of the dog.

With this harness, you don’t have to strain your eyes looking for this accessory or your pup. The bright and easily visible fabric helps to indicate to passers-by that your dog is enjoying his routine walks during the night.

You might also like some of the convenient features that come with this harness. For example, the reflective trim and the ID tag pocket are excellent add-ons on this harness.

The belly panel and padded chest make the harness comfortable to wear and also offer good load dispersion and extended dog wear.

The Best Dog Harness for Hiking

If you are an outdoor fanatic and practice positive lifestyle habits through embarking on regular hikes with your dog, then you should consider the Ruffwear Web Master Multi-Use Dog Harness. This harness is specifically designed for big-sized dogs that enjoy the outdoors as much as you do.

You can also use this fully adjustable harness to train or prepare your puppy for outdoor activities. The Ruffwear Web Master Multi-Use harness is highly appropriate for camping activities as it gives you maximum control over the pup when out on your adventures.

The belly and chest straps keep your canine companion fully secured and comfortable at all times, allowing him to enjoy the outdoor adventure as well. Impressively, this harness comes with extra padding that ensures your dog climbs up and down without hurting himself as a result of pressure.

Since hikes are highly physical activities, you will need to select harnesses with enough padding to provide maximum comfort to your canine companion. The extra padding will enable you to give your dog that extra push when he or she becomes overwhelmed with climbing rocks or traversing the outdoors.

Another factor that you should check on is the length of the harness as your dog will want maximum freedom to move around and enjoy the wild as much as you do!

Best Dog Harness for Running

When it’s time to run you need to keep your pooch right by your side-exactly why you need the right harness for your daily runs. SparklyPets Hands-free Leash for Jogging and Running Your Pet is a great option to consider.

This professional hands-free leash makes your run smooth and hassle-free. It absorbs your pet’s pulls, and changes in direction but still allows you to maintain your balance in the process.

Since dogs are experts at running, you will need a leash that is long enough to allow you to keep up with your four-legged running-mate.

What about the dog? Do not worry. The bungee has an easy-to-grip handle that allows you to control your dog with ease. This heavy-duty harness is easy to adjust and won’t break easily.

The handle and waistband are water-resistant making it a super nice option even for the most playful doggie. But note that this harness is recommended for medium and large dogs.

If yours is a small dog, you need a different type of harness. You can get a muzzle if you want to prevent your dog from biting off this harness when out for a run.

Best Front Clip Dog Harness

A Front clip dog harness provides a much-required solution to the problem of constant pulling, especially if your dog has a history of pulling on harness due to irritability or discomfort. A proper front clip harness pulls your dog around instead of along when he or she tries pulling the harness.

If you are looking for the best front clip dog harness then you should consider the PetSafe Easy Walk Dog Harness, which is appropriate for every type of dog provided you get the right measurements. The front D-ring is well positioned to give you full control of your pup`s movements.

Best Harness for Small Dogs

Your tiny friend needs the right harness if he is to feel comfortable and safe outdoors. The Blueberry Pet Harnesses for Small Dogs Padded Dog Vest might just be what you are looking for. As the name rightly suggests, this harness is meant for medium and small sized dogs.

Make sure you get the correct measurements of your dog. The gear comes in the following measurements:

  • Neck 14 Chest Strap 7 inches
  • Chest Girth 17-21 inches

The fleece inner lining ensures that your miniature friend is warm and comfortable. Don’t forget the harness is made using durable canvas so you are pretty sure that once you buy one, it will serve you for a long, long time.

This harness deserves all the credit when it comes to providing adequate support to your dog’s chest and shoulders. So when your dog pulls, the harness distributes the dog’s weight across the chest making the dog comfortable as you walk or hike around.

Best Dog Harness for Big Dogs

A big dog can be extra strong, meaning you should consider reviews for harnesses that provide more control over your huge buddy. The Dean and Tyler Dog Harness is an excellent option for anyone who owns a big dog. Below is a preview of what makes the Dean and Tyler Dog Harness among the best harnesses for big dogs

First, this harness features impressive leash attachment points that make it quite user-friendly when it comes to positioning the leash. Secondly, the accessory is easy to put on and take off. Thirdly, its wide straps and the padded back make it extra comfortable for large dogs.

If you are a night owl, this harness comes with a reflective trim that ensures safety during night walks. Plus, you’ll find the handle at the back of the leash to be quite an asset as it provides extra control when helping the dog into the car.

Best Car Dog Harness

Every once in a while your dog has to join you in your car as you travel around whether for a visit to the vet or just going out on an adventure. Whatever the reason, your pet’s safety in the car is in your hands.

The SlowTon Dog Car Harness with Car Safety Seat Belt is among the leading names when it comes to reliable car dog harnesses. What separates this harness from others is that it features a modern retractable dog leash that lessens your hassle. With this harness, your dog, just like the rest of your family, is safe and secure inside the car.

Advantages of a Dog Harness

Now that you have insider information on some of the leading harnesses in different catergories, let`s take a look at some of the merits associated with dog harnesses.

i) Greater Control over your Dog

You know how easily some dogs can get excited especially when on routes with scents and exciting stimuli. A harness is a sure tool to help you gain proper control of your excited friend when he tries to quell his curiosity outdoors.

ii) Enhances your Dog’s Safety

A dog’s harness is less likely to get tangled up in the leash. This makes the harness a perfect choice especially for puppies which get easily tangled while pulling on a collar and dog leash.

iii) Prevents Unnecessary Pulling of the Leash

If your dog is fond of fighting the leash on his collar, a simple excursion can turn into a big struggle as you try to handle the situation. Using a harness discourages the pulling behavior. How?

Every time the dog pulls the leash attached to the harness, it’s unable to move forward. This demotivates the dog and makes your walk worth the while.

iv) Functional and Stylish

Nothing comes better than grooming your dog and making her look charming as you stroll in the park or downtown using a stylish harness.

Remember, these accessories come in different styles like chest harnesses, strap harnesses, step-in harnesses and many more. Pick any harness that will suit the occasion and give your friend a fantastic look.

Collar vs. Harness

A debate has been raging on which of the two, between collars and harnesses, are the best accessories to use. Harnesses have several advantages compared to dog collars. Granted, there are pros and cons of each of these methods of dog control but you want the best for your canine companion.

dog collar

Needless to say, a harness is a much better option for your dog for the following reasons.

i) Neck Damage

Dog collars harm your dog by exposing him to repeated stress on his neck when he pulls on the leash. This can even be fatal.

Harnesses, on the other hand, are helpful when it comes to controlling dog movements as they spread the pressure all over the dog’s chest thus putting less strain on his neck.

ii) Fur and Skin Health

Prolonged use of dog collars can lead to terrible skin irritations, especially if the collar is too tight around the dog’s neck. Using an adjustable dog harness ensures the dog’s skin remains healthy and aerated.

iv) Better Control of the Dog’s Movements

The biggest con of using a dog collar is the very real possibility of the dog choking on the collar. With a leash, you have greater control of your dog since unlike the collar a harness applies pressure on a bigger surface area on the dog’s body.

Top 5 Harnesses in 2020

i) GoPets No Pull Dog Harness 

One great thing about this harness is that it works pretty well with any type of dog. Whether you own an Australian Shepherd, French bulldog, Beagle or any other similar dog this harness will do an excellent job for you.

The reflective orange stitching makes this product glow at night hence improving the safety and security of your dog.

ii) Sens-ation No-Pull Dog Harness

If you are looking for a dog harness to facilitate a positive approach to your dog training sessions, then this is the product for you. The soft-touch polyester webbing used for its construction adds more comfort for the pooch.

This top dog harness is suitable for any kind dog irrespective of breed or sex and comes in various sizes.

iii) Walk Your Dog with Love Harness.

The harness is lightweight and does not have any sliders, heavy rings or any sharp sewn areas. This boosts your confidence in the safety of your dog. Though this harness is relatively soft, the materials used to make it are very durable.

iv) Expawlorer Best No-Pull Harness

As an avid hiker, you want to use a smooth and comfortable harness to handle your dog. It is built using a very soft sponge that enhances the comfort of the dog as you cover the stretches ahead of you. If you have to travel with your pup, then this harness is easy to attach with the seat belt in your car.

Another great thing about this harness is that it’s budget-friendly. The price is under 20 dollars range.

v) Ruffwear Web Master Full Body Harness

A reasonably priced full-body harness this product from Ruffwear comes in 5 different sizes. The harness is ideal for tackling challenging terrain as well as for training purposes. It offers a secure fit for your dog. You can be sure you’ll get the right size for your dog at any time.

Final Thoughts

Armed with this info about the best dog harness in the various categories, it’s now time to venture out and get your friend the top harness for 2020.

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