Best Dog Training Treats

Dog training and treats- these two go hand in hand. Dog treats reinforce good behavior, and it’s a reward for a job well done.

Using Treats to Train Your Dog

Sure, you can reward doggie with a belly rub or a scratch behind the ears. But nothing compels a dog to continue good behavior other than a yummy treat!

But let’s consider a few factors first. Treats have calories. And not all treats are created equal. Some may be filled with too many grains. You don’t want to feed your dog with a grain laden treat. Neither should you indulge him in high caloric treats either. And if you’re training every day, good luck with the calories.

That’s why it’s crucial to choose high-quality dog treats. You may also consider reducing your dog’s intake during lunch and dinner to make up for the extra calories they get from the treats.

Worrying about the quality of commercial dog treats push a lot of dog owners to make their own treats. In an ideal world, you can whip up your own dog treats every day, but often times, you just don’t have the time.

happy dog with owner after getting treat

Here are the Best Dog Training Treats

That’s why I’m rounding up several of my favorite high-quality dog treats! If time is on your side, homemade dog treats are a bliss. Otherwise, you can try out these grain-free brands.

1. Wellness soft puppy bites

They’re soft and chewy, just the way your dog likes them. The grain-free lamb and salmon variant is a popular fairytale among dogs and dog trainers alike.

2. Natural Balance mini rewards

This Natural Balance mini bite has the lowest calorie per kibbles. It’s a perfect treat for dogs of all ages. Puppies and even senior dogs love the duck, chicken, and lamb flavor. And at less than 5 calories per kibble, it’s also a perfect alternative to reduce the total intake of your dog.

3. Your dog’s regular kibbles

Yes, you heard it right, even your dog’s regular kibble can be given as a treat. This works for dogs who are already motivated to start with. In this case, you don’t need to do a lot of bribing. Just make a part of your dog’s meal so that you won’t go overboard his daily requirement.

4. Gerber baby food

Babies love it, so do dogs! You’ll be confident with these products that don’t contain any additives or chemicals. If it’s safe for the babies, then it’s safe for dogs, too!

5. Chicken

Fresh roasted chicken, it sure is one of your dog’s favorite treats. Be sure to purchase the organic ones, though. And be sure to get ones that don’t have onion, garlic, or too many herbs and flavorings in it. Cut it up into small bite-size pieces before training.

Final Thought

Don’t skimp on the quality of your dog treats. In a nutshell, go for grain-free brands that have high-quality ingredients. Then you’ll also be sure that it tastes perfect for your dogs! That way, training would be more fun and will yield more positive results!


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