Best No Pull Dog Harness

Some dogs can’t wait to go for a walk. With others, getting them to stop pulling the leash is a constant battle. It’s as though they want to make a mad dash for freedom.

This struggle often leaves pet owners wondering, “Will a harness stop a dog from pulling?” The short answer is no. Your best option in eradicating this behavior is training

Why Use A No-Pull Harness At All Then?

They do make it easier to control your dog. A no-pull harness also prevents your dog from choking himself while pulling at the lead and might even have useful features like reflective panels to make your dog more visible.

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Best No Pull Dog Harness

All no pull dog harnesses have a similar design. Instead of a collar around the dog’s neck, the harness cradles the dog’s upper body and back. When the dog pulls on the leash, the harness allows for the even distribution of all of that pressure.

Let’s go through the top choices on the market today.


The Lifepul is different than most in that it also features a handle. You can opt to lead the dog by the handle, or connect him up to the leash. The design is relatively luxurious and plush. It’s perfect for that pampered pet of yours. 

It’s breathable and comfortable. It’s an excellent option for working dogs like service dogs.


Is it wrong that the name attracted us to this design first? This simple design looks great on any dog. The manufacturer recommends it for larger breeds like Labradors, but the harnesses do come in four sizes. The straps are reflective, making your dog more visible in low-light conditions.

Blueberry Padded Harness

Is your dog a snappy dresser? Then he’ll love this stylish model by Blueberry. The harness is padded and finished in a fun plaid print. For the dog who prefers a more minimal look, you can find plain models too.

The straps and harness have reflective material built into them.

See a harness that you like? That’s great. The one thing to remember before buying, though, is to take your dog’s measurements. Harnesses are adjustable, but only to a certain degree. If your Fido is flabby and fluffy, he might need a slightly larger size.

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