Best Small Dog Harness

You love your little mutt, but being somewhat small, he’s a great escape artist. If your little pooch could put Harry Houdini to shame, then we’ve got some intelligent solutions for you. These options won’t choke your puppy. With some patience, he’ll learn to stop pulling on his leash.

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In this post, we’ll review the best harness for small dogs. If you need to get a handle on your larger pooch, then check our Best Dog Harness review instead.

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Best Small Dog Harnesses 

Back-attaching Harnesses

It takes a very talented pooch to work himself free of back-attaching harnesses like this one from Fuzzyard. They cradle the dog’s chest and shoulder area instead of sitting around the neck. The harness has an adjustable belt around the middle for a snug fit.

The Kazoo model is an alternative that’s ideal if you carry your dog a lot. It’s got a full breastplate to lend your dog great support.

Front-attaching Harnesses

Does your Jack Russell like to streak out ahead of you and just about jerk your arm off? Then a front-attaching harness like this one from Beau Pets might be useful.

These harnesses have a strap around the dog’s chest. The difference here is that the leash attachment is in front of the dog. If you apply tension, your dog must face you. 

small dog harness

Glowing Harnesses

Does your dog love to attend the rave down the road? Then keep him stylish with a Doglite LED Collar. In all seriousness, though, these collars are a good option if you walk your dog at night or during low light conditions.

During the day, the collar makes smaller dogs more visible to oncoming traffic.

Headcollars like this one from Halti are excellent for training your dog. If your little Jack Russell tends to bite off more than he can chew, these could also keep him out of trouble. (He’ll find more later, but it won’t be for biting another dog.) 

These collars have a second loop that you place over the dog’s nose, which gives greater control, especially of dogs that like to lunge. To use one of these, your dog should weigh at least 5kg or 11 pounds. These collars aren’t ideal for tiny toy breeds or dogs with flat faces.

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