Help! My Dogs Are Suddenly Aggressive To Other Dogs In The House

A multi-dog household can be fun, but it can also be challenging. When a pack of happy rowdy pups starts to turn on each other, it can be very stressful.

There’s nothing more heartbreaking than having to rehome one of your dogs because they can’t tolerate each other. Yet for others who are unable to manage their dogs’ aggression, this is the only choice.

How to bring back peace in your house

Before aggression worsens, here is what you can do to bring back love and peace among the dogs in your household.

Identify the stimuli

What makes your dog snap? Most of the time, it’s not his siblings but rather stimuli that made him snap. It’s just unfortunate that he takes it out his anger on the other dogs. Therefore, it’s crucial to determine what caused his aggressive response. If you identify it correctly, then you can eliminate it immediately.

Manage your dog’s environment

A multi-dog household would require several food bowls and water bowls. When they aren’t competing with each other for food and toys, this will help prevent dog aggression towards one another. So, you need to consider getting each of them their own dog bed unless they’re cuddle buddies.

Seek the help of a veterinarian behavioral specialist

If your efforts are still futile, it’s best to consult a professional. Your dog’s aggression might not be severe at first, but it can threaten you and your family if it worsens. Therefore, it’s best to manage aggression at its earliest stage.

dog aggressive to other dogs in the same household

Common stressors for dogs

When your dog is suddenly aggressive to other dogs in the house, it might be more than just a feud over food!

Though there are stressors that can be and must be removed immediately. Among them is a tight collar, underground shock fence, and shouting at or hurting your dog. All other aggressors fall under the “live with it” category.

But you can still do something to change your dog’s perspective towards these aggressors.


Dogs love to lounge by the window, and it’s not uncommon for them to bark at someone or other dogs who pass by. And this stresses them. Minimize your dog’s exposure by putting on blinds or curtains.

Threats to his food and toys

Giving each dog access to his own food and toy is very important. There is a range of dog toys for aggressive chewers available in the market.

Doorbell ringing

Have you ever heard of the mailman being chased by the dog? It’s not necessarily the mailman, but it could be the doorbell’s sound that excites him.

Trips to the vet

Almost every dog hates to go to the vet, but some react violently to it.

Nail trimming

Instead, you can teach your dog to scratch his paw on an abrasive surface.


Allotting a noise-free room for your canine during the festivities is one way to deal with it.

Recurring ear infections

The sooner ear infections are treated, the more effective your behavior modification intervention will be.


Dogs’ aggression can be triggered by several stimuli. In the event chaos occurs, you can do something to pacify aggressive dogs in your household and bring back the peace in your home.

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