Editorial Policy

Growl Snarl Snap is a place for dog owners, experts, and animal lovers to engage with all things related to Dogs! Whether you are the proud parents of a new Puppy or experienced Dog Owners; this is where everyone can share their experience.

You can contribute to this site by fulfilling one of the following criteria:

  1. Personal Experience: share your experiences of living with and owning a dog
  2. Expert Experience: As a canine professional we invite you to contribute to this site to share your tips and knowledge
  3. Citing Sources: If you love to research and can accurately cite good and reliable sources, you can also contribute to this site.

Some Tips to Connect With the Audience and Build Trust.

A good way to build trust is to share a bit about yourself. An author bio is a great way to do this, as well as your full real name and links to your social channels if appropriate.

Share your relevant experiences. If you are an expert also sharing your credentials and qualifications will help.

Share Your Content With Us

To contribute to this site, please contact us and send in your article as well as images and biography through our contact form.

Your article should be 100% unique. Keep in mind your article may be refused if it is of poor quality and does not observe the above criteria.