5 Escape Proof Dog Harness for Your Mischievous Dog

Is your dog always looking to break free and run around in the backyard even when you want it home? Or maybe it goes off running after other dogs when you take it for a walk? If these things happen frequently, you should get an escape-proof harness for it instead of using a traditional collar or harness.

Dogs are very clever and can wriggle out of collars easily. You may find the harness feels light while walking. As soon as you turn back, you will see your dog gleefully enjoying her time at the side of the bushes. Don’t let that happen because you never know when accidents happen. And so, if you want a list of the best escape-proof dog harnesses, here’s a guide that can help.

1. Harness Lead Escape Resistant Harness (Best Overall)

Harness Lead - Escape Proof Dog Harness

One of the most crucial aspects of any harness is to get the right fit for your dog. And that’s why the Harness Lead Escape Resistant Harness is the best overall because it can fit dogs of all shapes and sizes. Whether you have a small poodle or a big Alsatian, this harness will fit comfortably on your dog without making her feel uncomfortable. The soft, textured material is something that sets this harness apart. Most importantly, this one doesn’t have any rough edges to cause irritation to your dog’s skin. Moreover, it has a tensile strength of 3700 lbs, meaning you can control some of the biggest and heaviest dogs with this harness.

Pros of the Harness Lead Escape Resistant Harness (Best Overall)

  • It can adjust to any body type or size. Just make the collar bigger or smaller according to the size of your dog.
  • It doesn’t tighten around the dog’s neck.
  • The leash tightens like slip lead, thus preventing the dog from escaping if she wants to break free from the harness.

Cons of the Harness Lead Escape Resistant Harness (Best Overall)

  • It isn’t chew-proof.

This is one of the most durable escape-proof harnesses available right now. Use it if you want to prevent your dog from running away.

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2. Scenereal Escape Proof Dog Harness (Best Value for Money)

Scenereal Escape Proof Dog Harness

Apart from the perfect fit, you should also think of your dog’s comfort while choosing an escape-proof harness. The Scenereal Escape Proof Dog Harness is not just comfortable for your dog but also for your wallet. It isn’t the most expensive harness out there but when you consider its price and quality, this one provides the best value for money. The lightweight material, together with the breathable mesh, decreases irritability and reduces heat from building close to your pet’s skin.

Pros of the Scenereal Escape Proof Dog Harness (Best Value for Money)

  • The super-soft chest panels prevent friction-related injuries if your dog tries to escape forcefully.
  • The two leashes give you better control so that she doesn’t escape.
  • The padded handle is soft but durable. It offers the best load dispersion so that you can keep your dog within your range while taking her out for a walk.

Cons of the Scenereal Escape Proof Dog Harness (Best Value for Money)

  • The harness is slightly bigger than standard models, making it awkward for your dog to move.

This harness is ideal if you want the best quality at a relatively low price. Go for it if you don’t want to invest in a high-range harness.

3. Mihachi Secure Dog Harness (Most Unique)

Mihachi Escape Proof Secure Dog Harness

This escape-proof harness has five adjustment points, making it easier to fit it on your dog. They also make sure that your dog is completely safe while going for a walk. Although it allows your dog to freely roam around while walking, it wouldn’t be able to escape easily. The adjustment points are cleverly placed so that they prevent your dog from breaking free. Also, the plastic handle is robust enough to give you full control over your dog whenever you take it out.

Pros of the Mihachi Secure Dog Harness (Most Unique)

  • The foam-padded harness vest fits snugly, thus reducing friction on her skin.
  • The lightweight material makes the harness comfortable to wear.
  • The soft edge doesn’t cut through your dog’s skin even if she pulls at the leash.

Cons of the Mihachi Secure Dog Harness (Most Unique)

  • There are only two sizes of harness available for this one: medium and large.

The five-point adjustment facility makes this harness unique. It is what keeps your dog from fleeing.

4. Home in No Pull Dog Harness (Best for Maximum Adjustment)

Eagloo Dog Harness - No Pull Harness

This is the best harness when it comes to offering maximum adjustment and comfort. It looks as if the designers made the harness especially for your dog. There are two leash clip rings, one at the front and one at the back, to provide better security to the harness. The soft material of this harness prevents any type of chaffing or redness on your dog’s skin. It doesn’t choke your dog if you tighten the leash to fit the harness tightly.

Pros of the Home in No Pull Dog Harness (Best for Maximum Adjustment)

  • The multiple adjustment points make it easier to fit the harness.
  • The long leash allows you to let your dog play around while you keep her under control.
  • The adjustable buckles allow the harness to fit snugly onto the dog.

Cons of the Home in No Pull Dog Harness (Best for Maximum Adjustment)

  • You may find the rings small for larger leash clips.

This is the ideal product if you want to use a harness that offers maximum flexibility and adjustment. It allows your dog to move around comfortably instead of looking to run away.

5. Ruffwear Multi-Use Dog Harness (Best for Durability)

RUFFWEAR Web Master Multi Use Support Dog Harness

Many vets recommend this harness for mischievous dogs. It comes with padded straps, making it comfortable for dogs to walk around. It fits on all types of dogs, irrespective of their size and shape. This harness is anatomically-designed for dogs who love to run around when they go out. The reinforced handle gives you a better grip so that you can prevent your dog from escaping from the leash.

Pros of the Ruffwear Multi-Use Dog Harness (Best for Durability)

  • There are five convenient adjustment points and two sturdy leash connection points for a full range motion.
  • The durable construction and lightweight feel ensures that the harness lasts for years.
  • The foam-padded straps offer lasting comfort without hindering your dog’s movements.

Cons of the Ruffwear Multi-Use Dog Harness (Best for Durability)

  • The material isn’t breathable. This means it isn’t suitable for summers.

If you don’t want to invest in harnesses every year, you should buy the Ruffwear Multi-Use Dog Harness. It lasts for years because of its durable build quality.

Now that you have a list of some of the best escape-proof harnesses, go and buy one that suits your dog and your budget. All of them provide top-notch comfort and prevent your dog from playfully running away.

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