How Can You Tell If Your Dog Respects You

Dogs are known as one of the most loyal animals. To be faithful to its leader, your furry friend needs to respect you. Having a mutual understanding will not only keep your pet safe but will also keep him out of trouble. 

So, how can you tell if your dog respects you?

Dog with harness in mouth

Signs Your Dog Respects You

If you show dogs love and care and treat them with respect, they will be loyal to you forever. Here are a few signs that indicate your dog respects you, and you are his pack leader. 

The Pack Leader Goes First

In the world of dogs, the leader always goes first. One of the first signs of dog respect is that he will let you reach the door first. If he stands in your way, disobeys your commands, or avoids eye contact, this means he may not respect you completely. 

Body Language Will Tell

Body language is how dogs show their feelings. A happy and loyal dog will show a relaxed attitude without any tension. His fur will sit naturally, and he will show nonchalant facial expressions and wagging tail. 

Your Dog Listens to You

A pet that ignores commands is showing his dominant behavior. It is important to teach your furry friends to obey commands such as come, sit, and stay. Gaining your dog’s obedience is essential in earning your dog’s respect and will keep your pet out of trouble in situations involving poisonous food, traffic, and more. 

Your Dog is Happy Every Time He Sees You

Dogs that respect and love their owners greet them warmly. If he licks you, your dog is showing his appreciation towards you. 

A respectful pet will also move out of your way when you lie down on the sofa. Although it is OK to share the space, he shouldn’t try to push you away.

dog with owner sitting respectfully


Earning your dog’s respect isn’t impossible. Make plenty of time to bond with him while maintaining control. Give consistent commands, show you are the pack leader, and feed your dog with the love and care he deserves. Soon, you’ll notice positive changes, and your dog will see you as someone worthy of following.

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