How To Calm A Sexually Excited Dog

Dogs are often sexually stimulated just like humans, but unfortunately, they can’t control their urges as we do. This can lead to unwanted behaviors like humping people or objects, inappropriate urination, and excessive whining and barking. In this blog post, I will outline some tips on calming a sexually excited dog that will help dog owners.

How To Calm A Sexually Excited Dog

Understand The Signs Of Sexual Excitement In Dogs

Understanding the signs of sexually frustrated male dogs is essential so you can intervene before things get out of hand. The most obvious sign is when your dog starts humping furniture or other objects. If you see your dog getting aroused, it’s essential to take action immediately.

Dogs will also begin to pant, dilating their pupils when they’re sexually excited. You may also notice that your dog’s skin is flushed, and their tail wags vigorously. If you see any of these signs, it’s time to take action to calm your dog’s sexual behavior down. There are a few different ways you can do this. One way is to provide them with a chew toy or bone to keep their mind occupied.

You can also try walking or playing with them to help tire them out. If all else fails, you can always put them in a timeout in their crate or another room until they calm down. By understanding the signs of sexual excitement in dogs, you can be prepared to take action before things get out of hand.

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Remain Calm And Assertive To Avoid Confusing Or Scaring The Dog

It can be frustrating when your dog gets excited during sex, but there are ways to calm them down. First, remain calm and assertive. They may become more excited if you become agitated or try to push the dog away.

Instead, gently hold them in place and continue with the activity. You may also want to try talking to them calmly and soothingly. This can help to reassure them and keep them from getting too worked up. If all else fails, you can always try removing yourself from the situation for a few minutes.

This will give the dog a chance to calm down before you resume. With patience and understanding, you should be able to successfully calm a sexually excited dog.

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Use Positive Reinforcement To Reward Calm Behavior

Dogs can become sexually excited for various reasons, including the presence of another dog in heat, a female dog’s scent, or human interaction such as petting or playing. Excitement can lead to unwanted dog behavior such as mounting, humping, or incessant barking, which can be embarrassing for owners and cause distress to the dog itself.

If your dog is exhibiting these sexual behaviors, there are several things you can do to calm them down. At first, try to identify the trigger for their excitement and remove it if possible. If that’s not possible or practical, try redirecting their attention with interactive dog toys or treats. Finally, use positive reinforcement to reward calm behavior. These simple steps can help calm your male or female dogs, stay relaxed, and avoid embarrassment in public.

How To Calm A Sexually Excited Dog

Calm Your Dog Down With Positive Reinforcement

Dogs can get sexually excited for a variety of reasons. If you notice your dog starting to get worked up, there are several things you can do to calm them down. One, try to identify the source of their excitement. If another dog arouses them, try to move them away from the stimulus, which could probably be other dogs. Remove it from their sight if they’re excited by a toy or treat.

Once the source of their excitement is removed, you can start working on calming them down. Try using positive reinforcement, such as giving those treats or petting them calmly. You can also try speaking in a quiet, comforting voice.

If your dog is still worked up after a few minutes, you may need to give them some space to calm down on their own. Once they’ve calmed down, you can resume your normal activities together.

Take Your Dog For A Walk To Release Some Energy

Dogs are highly energetic creatures that need an outlet for their physical and mental energy. One way to calm a sexually excited dog is to take them for a walk. This will help release some of their power and allow them to focus on something other than sex.

Additionally, keeping your dog on a leash during walks is essential to stay under control. If your dog is still sexually excited after a walk, you may need to consult with a veterinarian to see if any underlying medical conditions could be causing the problem. In most cases, however, a simple walk is all it takes to calm a sexually excited dog.

Seek Professional Help If The Problem Persists

If your dog is having difficulty controlling his or her sexual excitement, it is important to seek professional help. Many different techniques can be used to help calm a sexually excited male dog, and a trained professional will be able to tailor a plan to your individual dog.

There are several possible causes of this condition, and only a qualified veterinarian can properly diagnose and treat the problem. If you can’t seem to control your male dog’s excitement, don’t hesitate to reach out to a professional for help.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Some Of The Possible Causes Of Persistent Sexual Excitement In Dogs?

There are several possible causes of persistent sexual excitement in dogs, including hormonal imbalances, medical conditions, psychological factors, or the presence of a female dog. If your dog is experiencing this problem, it’s essential to seek professional help to determine the underlying cause. Only a qualified veterinarian can properly diagnose and treat the pain.

How To Calm A Sexually Excited Dog


So, now you know how to calm a sexually excited dog. Just remember that it is essential to remain patient and consistent with your training, and be sure to reward your pup for good behavior. With a little bit of work, you should be able to have a happy, well-behaved dog who knows how to keep his cool in the bedroom (or any other room, for that matter). Thanks for following along!

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