How to Calm an Aggressive Dog

Aggression is one of the common reasons dog owners decide to hire a professional dog trainer. If your furry pet snaps, growls or bites regularly, it is your responsibility to find a way to calm him. 

Let’s see how to calm an aggressive dog.

Why Dogs Get Aggressive

Aggressive behavior refers to any abnormal behavior connecting with a physical attack. This includes biting, growling, lunging, or baring teeth. 

The first thing to calm your pet is to understand what’s causing the aggression. In some situations, dogs growl at someone who is approaching while they are chewing a bone or eating their lunch. Others act aggressively toward strangers or children. 

Some dogs may become aggressive around specific animals such as cats or other dogs. 

As long as you don’t know the reason behind the aggressive behavior, you can’t find a solution. 

The common types of dog aggression are protective aggression, territorial aggression, possessive aggression, fear aggression, defensive aggression, and social aggression.

Tips to Calming Your Aggressive Dog

Here are a few tips on how to calm an aggressive dog. 

Stay calm

As a dog owner, it is important to remain calm while your pet shows aggression. Once you start to show stress, your dog will sense the energy and may react more. Dogs usually rely on body language, especially when they are in a new environment. 

Socialize with other dogs

Introducing your furry pet to others of its kind could be beneficial for dog behavior. Naturally, dogs are pack animals meaning they can socialize easily. If you notice your puppy becomes aggressive around other dogs, stay calm. One walk around the park should help you.

 Avoid any punishment

Punishing your puppy for acting aggressively, usually backfires and can make things worse. If you respond by yelling or hitting, your dog may feel the need to bite in defense. 

Consider supplements or medication

Sometimes dogs are aggressive because they are scared. In this case, you may need supplements or medication to solve the problem. A dog experiencing stress, fear, or anxiety is not capable of learning. 

Medication can help your furry friend overcome this fear. 

Exercise more often

Rewarding your dog with a walk around the park is one of the best ways to deal with aggression. Dogs have a lot of energy build up inside them, and without expressing it, it could result in combative behavior. 

Taking your dog for a walk once or twice a day should do the trick. The more energy your dog burns, the better his mind will be. 

Call in an expert

An expert can help you understand what’s the cause of your dog’s aggressive behavior and give you advice on how to manage it. 

Don’t fear aggression. Learn how to handle aggressive situations and calm your dog the right way.

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