How to Deal with Neighbors Aggressive Dog

Living in an area that has many dogs may be stressful, especially if they are not taken care of properly. I have faced some truly difficult circumstances where I needed to compromise my own safety over the years. In this article, learn how you can manage the dog owners in your neighborhood without feeling unsafe every time you leave your dwelling.
If you have a friend or neighbor with an aggressive pet, and they aren’t doing anything about it, then the first thing that you should do is talk to them about it. If that doesn’t work and you are worried for your safety and/or the safety of others, then the proper steps are to contact official organizations such as your municipal dog control officer, who can come out and assess the situation and resolve it.

A neighbor’s dog has been attacking me, what can I do about it?

Let’s be honest here, no one likes coming across an aggressive dog in their territory. You would think that any neighbor’s dog should know your scent and presence because dogs do recognize each other this way, but there are situations that happen quickly with no time to think. Like if they are protecting something or someone, they love such as a person or another animal, you might be perceived as a threat and the situation won’t look good for anyone involved.
Aggression in dogs is related to many factors, and it is often difficult to pinpoint the origins of such behavior. If your neighbor’s dog attacks you or even threatens you, such as when your neighbour’s dog charges the fence, here are some suggestions on how to respond.

  1. As mentioned earlier, if there’s a dog in your neighborhood that always gets out and terrorizes the other dogs, an effective first step would be notifying the owner of this situation by going over to their house and telling them right away.
  2. Your first strategy: talk calmly to them and make sure they realize this is a problem. Some dog owners may not even know that their furry friend is capable of such a thing and the confrontation could resolve things relatively smoothly.
  3. You might have already built a good rapport with your neighbor and tried to resolve the problem amicably, but if it’s not been resolved there are other ways to get the job done.
  4. If you’ve already talked to your neighbor and provided evidence of their lack of care towards their dog, you could choose to report them directly to the local animal shelter office if they continue violating noise ordinances, refuse to correct ownership information or address concerns about their pet.
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What Is the Best Defense Against Aggressive Dogs?

Now that you know a bit more about some possible actions, it’s time to learn a few tricks if you do happen to cross paths with an aggressive dog. Sometimes, there are situations where neighbors might not be able to control their dogs and will not take responsibility for the said animal’s behavior.

You may still find yourself walking around your local area, riding a bicycle or going for a run around the neighborhood and encounter the previously mentioned dog that is out-of-control and loose from its owner’s property. In this situation, how prepared are you to handle such an unpredictable situation?

How Do You Scare an Aggressive Dog?

Is it at all plausible to frighten an aggressive dog? Although it is not really the option of sending whimpering in fear, you can certainly refrain from giving a threatening dog a way to attack in the event that you do not beat up a push weapon. If you choose not to utilize this training method, you can still avert giving a hostile dog an opportunity to attack.
To stop or prevent an aggressive dog attack, experts reveal that there are two steps. Giving way to the attack or defending yourself during the attack.


How Do You Stop A Dog Attack?

You may wonder whether it will be possible to stop a dog assault from happening initially. The answer is yes you can, however, you will need to muster enough courage to do it. Your first step in avoiding a dog attack is to never panic. It can be challenging since the action is not happening when it happens, but you have to stay calm, and that is another obstacle you must overcome.
Dogs may in some way sense fear, or feel certain body motions and movements that indicate anxiety and fear. If they do, they may view you as a threat, and it is even worse.
Therefore, before running and screaming, stay calm and stand still. Do not lock the cat’s eyes with the dog. In most cases, the dog will perceive you as uninteresting and leave you up alone. More importantly, do not run away or move agitatedly. The dog will see you as a threat and with its instincts, it will chase you and try to catch you. If you are on your feet, you will most likely avoid a confrontation.

How Do You Defend Yourself During an Attack?

Since you know that your pet is alpha dog in the area, it’s recommended that you come prepared. If you anticipate your pet’s aggressive behavior, command your animal to back away with an authoritative tone of voice.
If the attacker attacks you, fighting back is the only course of action available. Here are some tips to keep in mind.

  • Yell as loudly as you can while fighting the dog.
  • Find any weapon you can use against the dog.
  • Place up a firm fight because your life depends upon it.
  • Dog attacks can be life-threatening and you do not want to fall under them. Use defensive tools, such as pepper spray, to protect yourself.

What to Use Against an Attacking Dog?

When you need to prevent a dog from coming after you, you can use a wide range of self-defense products. One of them is pepper spray, as it may be effective in the event that you are already struggling.

Air horns may be helpful for keeping with you in case you need to ask for help. They can also come in handy when repelling dogs and stopping attacks.
A dog whistle can be beneficial in the event of dog attacks, especially for cyclists. It is commonly referred to as a distress signal.

How Much Can You Sue For A Dog Attack?

As well as knowing what to do before and after an attack, you should understand your legal rights as a dog bite victim. The legal actions against the attacker will depend on your location, the severity of your injuries, or whether you file charges.

Among the factors to take into account when suing a dog owner for his or her aggressive dog is the extent to which the attack was damaging. The situation could have been minor and you may not be eager to report the dog owner, or you may refuse to serve whether the incident was severe.

In contrast, it’s a different process if you need to file a suit because of bite damage from a dog. Various states have different laws in regard to dog bites, but generally, you are permitted to sue the owner.


If you are having trouble with an aggressive dog next door, there are a few things you can do. First, talk to your neighbor about the problem and see if they are willing to work with you to correct it. If they are not responsive or the problem persists, contact animal control or the police. You can also take steps to protect yourself and your property, such as putting up a fence or keeping a dog of your own.

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