Tips On How To Introduce Aggressive Dogs To Other Dogs

Dogs can be very loyal and loving companions. However, they can also tend to be aggressive towards new dogs. Many dog owners are faced with this dilemma when they are thinking about adding a new dog to the family with an existing dog that shows signs of aggression.  However, there are ways to introduce an aggressive dog to a new dog that should make the transition much easier. You don’t have to allow an aggressive dog to keep you from adding to your family. 

The Steps To Take: 

1. Obedience

One of the first things you should be doing when you are looking to add a new dog to the family with an aggressive dog is extra obedience training. While your dog should already have gone or been going to obedience classes, extra work would only help. When you have a dog that is willing and able to respond to commands during signs of aggression, it can help a lot during the introductory phase.

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2. Have Each Dog Comfortable

When you are introducing two dogs where at least one is showing signs of aggression towards other dogs, you want to have each dog as comfortable as possible during the introduction. This is why it would be best to stick to comfortable collars that give the dog plenty of cushioning and padding. Anything that makes the dog uncomfortable will result in an unpleasant greeting. 

3. Allow The Dogs To See Each Other

When you are looking to introduce the dogs, you want to have each of them a comfortable distance but close enough to see each other. You can typically achieve this by walking on different sides of the same street. You want to allow them to see each other while they are walking so they can get familiar with the dog without being anywhere close. 

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4. Treats and More Treats

When all else fails, you want to shower your dog with treats. Each dog should be given treats when they look at each other and they don’t react. Any dog that is reacting excitedly or negatively shouldn’t be given treats. Only calmness should be rewarded. That way, the dog realizes that they should be calm through positive reinforcement. 

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5. Have The Aggressive Dog Approach The Calm Down

You want to have an aggressive dog doing the final approach towards the calmer dog. If one of the dogs displays better social abilities, they should be kept still for the aggressive dog to sniff and get familiar with. When the aggressive dog is in control, they won’t react negatively. 

Things To Watch For

Ideally, you want to separate the dogs after they get introduced as they could begin to show signs of aggression. You should continue to do this process over and over until they display friendliness towards one another. Keep an eye on the dogs as they are playing after they are familiar with one another. An aggressive dog can attack at a moment’s notice for many reasons.

As you can see, you don’t necessarily need to give up your dream of having two dogs if one is aggressive. However, you need to be aware that you may need to pay for extra behavior classes or training if you want to ensure that the dogs will accept living together. You should be putting the needs of your current dog before the needs and wants of a new dog. Think about whether or not you have enough space for two dogs, as well. By following the tips above, you should be able to have much success with your efforts.

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