How to Put on a Dog Harness

A harness is a better option than a collar when you’re taking your dog out for a walk. You can securely walk your dog around the block without straining his neck. Unlike traditional collars, harnesses are more comfortable for your dog. But sometimes, it can be a bit complicated! You might find yourself stuck while trying to put it on.

So, to help, here are simple guides on how to put on a dog harness. In this article, I’ll also dabble on why you must know how to properly put it on. Believe me, it’s not as complicated as it seems!

Why is it important to properly put the harness on your dog?

It’s important for several reasons. One, if it’s not properly placed on your dog, it’s extremely uncomfortable for him. You might find your dog slewing and pulling against it. And this is often taken as misbehavior by some owners. Where in fact, poor doggo is just trying to find a way to make the harness more comfortable for him.

Second, an improperly worn harness can cause an unnecessary tugging around the muscle, which can affect the dog’s gait. And If it’s too tight on one side, your dog can suffer from imbalance. Hence, the need for you to learn how to properly put on a harness! And there’s another risk. Your dog can easily slip through the harness. So, you might yourself run after it while it chases the smaller dogs in the park.

Before I share tips on how to properly put a harness on your dog, you must remember that there are two types of harness-overhead and step in harness. And how you put them on a dog is a bit different from the other. But, really, they’re both quite simple!

How to Put on an Overhead Harness

  • Find the neck part of the harness and slowly slip your dog’s head through it.
  • Arrange the 2 bottom straps between the front legs, these should be under the dog’s belly.
  • Pull the left leg through the section. And slip the other strap behind the dog’s right leg.
  • Then, secure the buckle.

How to Put on a Step-in Harness

  • Lay the harness on the ground. Make sure it’s unbuckled. It would look like it has two triangles on each side.
  • Make your dog stand on the harness. Place the dog’s front legs into each of the two triangles.
  • Pick the buckle on each side and wrap it around the back of the dog.
  • Secure the buckle and adjust it to snugly fit your dog
Dog with a Step-in Harness

How to adjust the straps?

You can adjust the straps through the four adjustment points. This ensures that the harness snugly fits your dog. You can check if it’s not too loose or too tight by inserting two fingers through it.

Important Points to Consider

The straps should be placed below the neck and not on the dog’s neck. It should be placed high across the dog’s chest. To avoid shoulder injuries, ensure that the straps don’t go across the dog’s shoulder pints.

And before you guys head out, be sure that everything is properly adjusted and that the buckles are fastened.

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