How to Socialize an Aggressive Dog

If your fluffy friend can’t handle other pets or people, it means you are dealing with an aggressive dog. Here is how to socialize an aggressive dog.

Aggressive Dogs and Their Social Problems

Dogs should start socializing with others when they are little (between 3-14 weeks). While they are still puppies, dogs should be treated kindly by children and other dogs around them. 

The tension between two or more dogs is pretty usual. Dog-on-dog aggression is a typical behavior problem that pet owners and trainers deal with. 

The reason is that during their growth, dogs are deprived of socialization with other dogs. As a result, many fluffy pets grow up with no social skills and aren’t able to read other dogs’ signals.

aggressive dog

Tips for Socializing Your Aggressive Dog

Here is how to socialize an aggressive dog. 

Introduce your dog to others

Going regularly to the dog park will make sure your puppy meets other dogs. This is the perfect opportunity to practice proper behavior. Daily dog walks will calm your furry friend. 

Don’t be harsh

Disciplining your fluffy friend for being aggressive is essential. However, you shouldn’t be frightening. Try to remain calm in any situation where your dog shows aggression

Change your behavior

If you haven’t done it already, it is vital to change your behavior. Dogs see their owners as families, which is why they become so protective. If your dog senses you are nervous or scared, it will imitate your behavior and will take your anxiety as a sign that a threat is coming. 

When you see your dog act happy and apprehensively, give your dog a sense of support and confidence.

 Have a routine

All dog owners should have a walking routine. A routine will calm your dog and help him socialize more easily. 

Take your furry friend to growl classes

Little assistance while learning how to socialize an aggressive dog is proven to be very useful. Find classes that can teach your fluffy friend how to interact with others of its kind. 

Support social activities

Introducing your dog to new activities will help a lot in teaching him to be calm. Don’t rush into anything; take it one step at a time. One social activity each week is enough to notice positive changes. 

This will help your pet to see the experience he could be having and show him how a proper behavior looks like. 

training aggressive dogs to socialize

Get professional help

Sometimes, your attempt to fix your dog behavior will fail. If you don’t know what to do next, getting professional advice could be the solution you need. 

It is recommendable to consult with a professional, primarily if your furry friend used to be calm before. 

Socializing an aggressive dog is not easy. But as long as you follow our tips, you will be able to see a significant difference in your pet’s behavior.

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