How to Stop Dog on Dog Aggression

Dog on dog aggression is the most common type of aggression demonstrated by our furry friends. This behavior is considered normal. However, some dogs can become extremely aggressive because of various factors, such as eagerness, hyper energy, or natural curiosity. 

Anyway, if your dogs react aggressively, it is best to come up with an appropriate solution.

Tips for Stopping Dog on Dog Aggression

For dog aggression, it is best to take your dog’s health, age, and temperament into account. Don’t fear aggression. Instead, stay calm and don’t add extra tension.  

Here is how to stop dog on dog aggression. 

Proper Socialization With Other Dogs

Most puppies undergo developmental stages between 4-12 weeks. During this time, appropriate socialization with new environments, other animals, and people will allow dogs to develop social manners. 

Create Space Around Other Dogs

By creating space or blocking other dogs, dog owners can avoid a confrontation. The advantage of walking your dog quickly past other dogs is that they have less time to look at each other. 

Familiarize Yourself with Aggression Triggers

For some dogs, it is in their nature to appear more dominant. This dominant look may trigger other dogs to respond, which may lead to a dog fight. 

When you are not sure about a specific dog, it is better to move on. Sometimes, your dog’s look may trigger a reaction, and conflicts may occur. 

Set Realistic Expectations

Many dog owners have high expectations for their dogs. They think their dogs are comfortable around every dog they see, but, in reality, that is not true. Just as people don’t want to greet everyone we meet, neither do our furry friends.

Reward Your Dog

It will help if you reward your dog every time they remain calm in the presence of others. You can use positive reinforcement to ensure you are improving their behavior and helping them learn that remaining calm has a positive outcome.

Further Reading

Dog on dog aggression can feel overwhelming. If your dog showed aggression before, he would likely do it again. Luckily, there are ways to stop aggressive behavior and teach your dog how to react more calmly. 

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