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Loving your dog is easy... most of the time. For all those other times, we are here. This site will help you make sense of your dog's behaviour and help you know what you can do to help your furry friend behave and cope with dog-life better.

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Why Do Dogs Eat Cat Poop?

Exactly why do dogs eat cat poop? This is actually a very common and documented occurrence. As a matter of fact, it is so common that it has a scientific name. It is called coprophagia. But is this something that...
Dog Licking Face and Paws

Why Do Dogs Lick Their Paws?

Too much licking of the paws can be a sign of a problem, although it's normal for dogs to lick their paws sometimes. Frequent licking may mean it's time for some behavioral or medical intervention on your part. Some of...

Why Is My Dog Shaking?

Sometimes canines will shiver, even in fairly warm weather. An owner might observe this and feel stupefied. He might ask himself, "Why is my dog shaking?" Dogs are capable of shivering to help deal with cold, but it might not...
dog lying in grass

Why Do Dogs Eat Poop?

You're probably wondering "Why do dogs eat poop?" Yep, dogs can do some really disgusting things. They drink water from the toilet, roll around in mud and even lick their own butts. However, one of the worst things they do...

Best Dog Car Harness

We're not sure how things work in your home, but here, our dogs love going for a ride. It's a race to get to the car door first. It's hard to ignore that complete look of betrayal when you leave...

Best Small Dog Harness

You love your little mutt, but being somewhat small, he’s a great escape artist. If your little pooch could put Harry Houdini to shame, then we've got some intelligent solutions for you. These options won't choke your puppy. With some...

Best No Pull Dog Harness

Some dogs can’t wait to go for a walk. With others, getting them to stop pulling the leash is a constant battle. It’s as though they want to make a mad dash for freedom. This struggle often leaves pet owners...
dog eating grass

Why Do Dogs Eat Grass?

You may be surprised to notice your pet dog eating grass on your lawn. Obviously, you will be concerned about this unusual behavior. You may be wondering - why does my dog eat grass? Is This Normal Behavior? It is...

How Can You Tell If Your Dog Respects You

Dogs are known as one of the most loyal animals. To be faithful to its leader, your furry friend needs to respect you. Having a mutual understanding will not only keep your pet safe but will also keep him out...

How to Stop Dog on Dog Aggression

Dog on dog aggression is the most common type of aggression demonstrated by our furry friends. This behavior is considered normal. However, some dogs can become extremely aggressive because of various factors, such as eagerness, hyper energy, or natural curiosity. ...

Why is My Dog Aggressive All of a Sudden?

Sometimes, even calmer dogs can show aggression. But why is that? Why is my dog aggressive all of a sudden?  Sudden aggression in dogs can be scary. The key to dealing with this change is to find what triggers a...
Dog Eating grass

How to Break a Dominant Dog – Controlling Aggression

What is Dog Dominance? When a dog is stubborn or often refuses to follow the owner's commands, that could mean your dog has dominant behavior. Dominant dogs are always trying to dominate the environment they are in. They want to...

How to Calm an Aggressive Dog

Aggression is one of the common reasons dog owners decide to hire a professional dog trainer. If your furry pet snaps, growls or bites regularly, it is your responsibility to find a way to calm him.  Let’s see how to...

How to Socialize an Aggressive Dog

If your fluffy friend can't handle other pets or people, it means you are dealing with an aggressive dog. Here is how to socialize an aggressive dog. Aggressive Dogs and Their Social Problems Dogs should start socializing with others when...

Dog Toys for Aggressive Chewers

It’s a fact that some dogs are destroying every toy that gets in their way. Whether it is a rubber or plastic ball or a sturdy rope, your furry friend can destroy toys in a matter of seconds.  The good...
Dog on harness

Best Dog Harness

The importance of a dog harness to the wellness of your dog cannot be overstated. Unlike a collar which can inflict pain to your pup, a harness distributes the pressure over a larger surface area, thus allowing you to control...

Why My Dog Isn’t Responding to Treats

Dog treat training is one of the most effective ways to positively reinforce good behavior in any dog. Not all dogs respond well to treats, however. We explore some of the common reasons your dog may not respond to treats...
two gods fighting aggressively

Lessons from the Pakenham Dog Attack

Lessons from the Pakenham Dog Attack What Happened? It’s the dog attack that went viral. Pictures uploaded by Kashila Chintamunee show Hero, the aggressor, covered in blood. The victim, Chintamunee’s Daschhund, Coco, died due to the injuries sustained during the...
Girl Walking Dog

What Do You Do if an Off-Leash Dog Approaches You While You Are Walking Your Dog?

It’s something all dog owners fear. You’re out walking your dog. You see an approaching dog — he looks aggressive, and he's off his leash. What you do next is essential to prevent a full-scale attack. What do you do...
Fearful Dog

How Can You Tell if a Dog is Nervous to the Point of Being Aggressive?

What is Fear Aggression? What is an aggressive dog? We tend to think in terms of black and white – we think that aggressive dogs try to prove that they're the pack leader. The truth is that dogs display 21 types...
Pit Bull Terrier

Most Aggressive Dog Breeds

When you’re buying a new puppy, it’s easy for them to win you over with their cuteness. But is that puppy one of the most aggressive dog breeds? Is there a risk that the Jack Russell terrier you’re considering could...
dog lying in grass

Stress Signs in Dogs – Dog Panting and Shaking

Is your dog's behavior uncharacteristic? Does he seem distant or anxious? It could be that he's stressed out. Has he been shivering and panting more than normal or yawning excessively? Are his ears pinned back?  These are all common signs of anxiety, and you need...
puppys playing in ball pit

Socializing Your Puppy

Puppy socialization is essential if you want your puppy to be confident, well-adjusted, and happy. Getting socialization right early on will help your dog deal with strangers and other dogs in an appropriate manner.  In the wild, dogs grow up with their packs....
dog with stick in it's mouth

Predatory Behavior in Dogs

In the wild, a predatory drive is a survival mechanism. Unfortunately, this drive to prey doesn't translate well when it comes to a pet. A pet that sees you or any family member as prey can be dangerous. If your...
labradore puppy

Why is My Puppy Biting Me Aggressively? Help for Your Pup.

Is there anything cuter than a puppy? They're adept at worming their way into our hearts. One look from those big, beautiful eyes and we melt. Their antics and even the mischief they get up to are all easy to...
young golden labradore

Should Aversives be Used in Training?

There are two basic approaches to dog training today – positive reinforcement and aversive training. The former involves using positive associations to reward good behavior. With positive reinforcement, your dog gets a treat, cuddle, or toy for doing something right....
puppy in chair

Animals and Food Motivation

You've got your pooch home and are starting to train him using treats. The dog might need some severe correction in his behavior. But what if your dog is not food motivated? Some dogs seem to be more treat motivated...
two gods fighting aggressively

Aggressive Dog Behavior

Aggression manifests as snapping or biting, or your dog growling at family members, strangers, or other dogs.  Angry, biting, growling dogs can frighten people terribly or even injure them. Whether the dog directs it at one person or many, it's something that needs addressing...