Socializing Your Puppy

Puppy socialization is essential if you want your puppy to be confident, well-adjusted, and happy. Getting socialization right early on will help your dog deal with strangers and other dogs in an appropriate manner. 

In the wild, dogs grow up with their packs. The other pups and adult dogs ensure that the puppy knows the ropes. 

Dogs who don’t learn these vital socialization skills are at risk of developing fear aggression later in life when they encounter something unknown. 

When Is It Best to Socialize My Puppy?

In nature, the pups start their socialization period from the age of seven weeks. It typically lasts until they’re about four months old. It can vary from puppy to puppy. A shy puppy might take a little longer to learn. A more confident pup might be ready at a younger age.

That’s one of the reasons that reputable breeders might decide to delay handing over your pup. They might feel that he’ll benefit from spending more time with his mother and other pups to become better socialized. 

That’s disappointing for you, but a sign of a good breeder. And, while the wait might seem interminable, you’ll benefit by getting a more balanced dog. 

Older dogs can also be socialized, but the process can be more difficult. 

Tips for Socializing Your Puppy

New Experiences

Start slowly. Introduce him to the grass in the yard, and the carpet in the house. Then it’s time to explore farther afield. Heading out on a walk with your new pup is about more than giving him exercise. You want to experience a range of smells, sounds, and sights.

Reward Him

When out and about, give him a lot of praise for exploring. Find some tasty puppy treats to reward him with. Make sure that’s it’s a positive experience, and your pup will charge through life like a conqueror.

Get Your Family Involved

When family participates, no matter who your pup is with, he’ll feel confident when stepping outside his comfort zone.

Puppy Classes

Puppy classes allow you to socialize your dog and train him at the same time.  


Socialization is a natural part of your puppy’s upbringing. Imagine how scary it would be for you if you had to hear a siren for the first time. You wouldn’t know what was going on and you wouldn’t feel safe. By exposing your pup early in life, he learns that new things are something to be explored, not to be shied away from. He’ll also be able to make friends a lot more easily. Socialization early in life can prevent your pup from growing into an aggressive dog.

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