White Dog Breeds

Did you know (and this comes directly from my hub of useless knowledge cabinet) that over sixty million-plus households in the United States of America have pets and by far, if not most, the dog is the most popular pet found and strangely enough the most common dog is not based on the breed but the actual color, which at the moment, the trend seems to be white?

In this article, you will find a list of the most famous and most popular white breed dogs that not only ranges from your small apartment-friendly dog but to your large property and larger breed white dog which we tried to include for everyone’s taste.

The list is made up in no specific order but ranges from the smallest and easiest to handle to the more strong-willed and harder to handle bigger breeds, so follow and read thoroughly before making your decision if you are in the market for one.

The Japanese Spitz

The Japanese Spitz

Small but fiery for their size, so do not be decided by their look as they are very energetic and need lots of exercise (at least one hour a day) and are natural guard dogs.

They can become very restless if they do not get enough exercise and for its size (males usually grow to about 14.5 to 15.5 inches and females about only 13 inches and weighs in at about 13 pounds with a very fluffy coat.)they are ideal for those in search of a Samoyed looking type dog but not into the larger breed of dog.

The Pomeranian

The Pomeranian

Here we are dealing with per Royalty (a favorite amongst the royals of years gone by). If you want a dog that is fluffy, small and white then the Pomeranian is a good choice. Made popular globally because of these attributes as well as it’s foxy-faced look, vibrant personality and of course that magnificent coat, and is considered to be a toy dog breed.

Weight of These Dogs

Males weigh in at a maximum of seven pounds and heights of only 7 inches whereas the female comes in at a bit more minuscule five pounds and a maximum height of 6 inches but they live up tote average age of 16 years making it a favorite amongst the older generation.

The Maltese Poodle

The Maltese Poodle

Known as the most well known of the smaller white dog breed, the Maltese, is quite common for those who hate the “shedders”, as they rarely if ever shed even though they have long, smooth and straight hair and are quite fearless for their size especially towards larger breeds.

Even though they have a bad temper towards other dogs or pets their temperament towards humans is of the highest standard making them one of the most admired dogs over the centuries.

The maximum height and weight for males are nine inches and seven pounds and females seven inches and less than seven pounds.

The Bichon Frise

The Bichon Frise

Although originally bred for the French Aristocracy, hence the entering of the Aristocracy Realm with this breed, they got abandoned during and after the French Revolution for obvious reasons.

With its immaculate curly hair, making it very toy-like, they should always be well-groomed and therefore if you intend on getting one, know you will be spending lots on grooming bills, as they need constant and regular cuts.

They grow very attached very quickly to its owners and can become very destructive if left alone for too long a period.

Males tend to grow to about twelve inches and 15 pounds and the female to ten and a half inches and eleven pounds.

The Samoyed

The Samoyed

Known as the most well known big white and fluffy dog in existence because of its double coat of fur.

Originally bred in Siberia, as worker dogs, for hunting and pulling sledges.

It’s two coats are made up of an outer long fluffy coat and an inner oily guard coat which helps protect it against the subzero temperatures it gets exposed to daily.

Filled with boundless energy the male can grow to about twenty-three and a half inches and weight up to sixty pound and the female’s twenty-one inches and fifty pounds, they can be very headstrong but doesn’t mean they won’t make a good member of your family and can be very loyal but always remember they do come at a heft price tag, and to prevent cruelty to not opt for this breed if you live in areas where you have constant high temperatures.

The Great Pyrenees

The Great Pyrenees

Being one of the largest white dog breeds coming in with a weight of one hundred and sixty pounds with the male at about thirty-two inches and the female at twenty-nine inches.

Being a very protective and attentive pet for your home because they were originally bred to protect sheep and other livestock on the mountainside. they have a soft personality towards who or whatever they tend to protect.

The calm disposition can be very consuming and accepted as docile with their monk-like calm about them, but be warned they will leap into action when the need arises.

Though not solid white, as they come with patches of various shades of badger and or tan but their coat is thick and weatherproof.

Because it was bred as a working dog it is also quite headstrong and whoever takes on ownership of one of them should be prepared to spend some time training them as well as spend time with them as well.

The Argentine Dingo

The Argentine Dingo

This is what is known as a dog of contradictions: Large and muscular, with a booming bark that will send anyone running but is very affectionate and loving – fearless yet emotional – ferocious on the inside but loving in the inside.

Typically and originally bred in Argentina, hence the fact most countries do not allow the breed in their borders and bred to protect its owners they come in smooth white coat weighing in at a heft one hundred pounds and twenty-seven inches.

The Husky

The Husky

Though not solid white only, we could in no way in good conscious leave this breed off the list as it is one of the most famous of winter dogs known on earth.

All huskies have some amount of white fur somewhere on its body but come with patches of different shades like:

  • Black
  • Grey
  • Red
  • Sable

Be prepared to spend time brushing this breed each week but do not get one if you have any allergies as they shed twice a year, and they shed their full coat.

Bred originally to hunters, one thing to always remember when it comes to huskies is respect and loyalty is earned not a given with them as they are very independent dogs even though they work well in packs, so you should always train your husky in a way to show that you are the pack leader.

Also coming with boundless energy, you should be prepared to spend a lot of time with them outdoors as they can become very destructive if they have no other outlet for all that energy.

Males: weighs in at about fifty pounds and height of twenty-two inches

Females: weighs in at about forty pounds and twenty inches

The Akbash Dog

The Akbash Dog

Bred as a livestock guardian dating back as far as three hundred BC in Turkey, its size, strength, and temperament were and are perfect for protecting the livestock on the mountainside.

Originally trained and bred as working dogs, they can be described in two words: “SUSPICIOUS & CARING”

This makes them highly alert when strangers are around. With a full white body but a biscuit shaded head, be prepared to groom them once a week and three times a week when they shed The males once again out sizes the females weighing in at about one hundred and forty pounds and thirty-three inches and the females at one hundred and twenty pounds and twenty-nine inches.

The West Highland Terrier

The West Highland Terrier

Talk about contradictions, this breed is the epitome of a small dog in a big dog’s body.
With a white double rugged coat to protect them against the Scottish Highlands cold, they were originally bred to hunt rodents.

Known as Westies, you should know because of their prey drive can make them very wary around children as they do not handle being mishandled or roughly handled at the best of times, but do make good companions with the males weighing in at twenty pounds and eleven inched and the females at eighteen pounds and nine and a half inches.

The Dalmatian

The Dalmatian

One of the most famous dogs known globally because of the movie 101 Dalmatians back in 1996 they are loved by both adults and children alike, with their well known white coats and black dots.

Males can grow to about twenty-four inches and weigh in at ninety pounds whereas the females some in at twenty-two inches and seventy pounds and need lots of exercise with plenty of playing time included.

The Havanese

The Havanese

Named after the capital of Cuba, Havana, it is the only dog breed that is native to Cuba. It is also related in some way to the Bichon Frise.

There seems to be a sudden boom in popularity with this breed and city dwellers because of it’s lively personality and loving playtime expenditure with its owners.

Though found mostly in white they can also be found in Red, Fawn and or Silver.

The Chihauhau

The Chihauhau

There was no way we could complete this list without including the most famous, playful, entertaining, amusing and the soul of any party, toy dog around today.

Strangely enough, for its miniature stature, they need the most attention of all small dogs as they are very needy.

Males and Females can grow to about nine inches and weigh in at six pounds.

Final Thoughts

We hope this list was informative enough for you to make a choice that suits you whether its an apartment you live in or on the mountainside in Siberia.

Please note the list is subject to information supplied by a non-medical person so if you need any more information relating to health and care, please do not hesitate to contact your veterinarian or SPCA.

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