Why Does My Dog Snore?

Is your dog snoring? It turns out that dogs can suffer from a range of sleep disorders, including narcolepsy and apnea. If you’re worried about the noise, take some comfort in knowing that it’s not always a sign of trouble–some breeds just snore more than others. But if your pup is lethargic or acting oddly during the day, it could be time to make an appointment with your vet! Read on for more details about why does my dog snore.

Snoring is a common problem in dogs

Snoring is a common problem in dogs. In fact, around 30% to 40% of dogs snore regularly. It’s often caused by an obstruction or narrowing of the upper airway, which causes the soft palate and tongue to vibrate during

Dogs that snore are often overweight

One of the reasons dogs snore is because they’re overweight. If your dog does this, try getting it to lose some weight by walking more and giving it less food overall.

Dogs Can Also Snore Because of Allergies

A common cause of dog snoring is allergies, and this can be treated with medicine. In some cases, the treatment also helps clear up other respiratory issues, such as wheezing or a persistent cough.

Is Your Dog Getting Old?

Did you know that dogs tend to snore more as they age? As the dog grows older, it is possible for the cartilage and bone in their trachea to collapse.

Sleeping Position

If your dog seems uncomfortable when they lie down on their back or stomach because they can’t breathe properly while sleeping then try putting them on one side instead – this may help alleviate some symptoms.

When to See The Vet

If you’re concerned about your dog’s snoring, go see a vet. They’ll figure out why it’s happening and give advice on what to do next. If you are not sure whether you should see a vet, consider if your dog also seems to have difficulty breathing, is drooling or gasping for breath during sleep. If they exhibit any of these symptoms in addition to snoring, it may be best to take her to the vet.

It may not be bad news

If your dog snores, you may be worried it’s a sign of an underlying health problem. However, there are many reasons why dogs snore that have nothing to do with serious illness.

Wrapping Up

If your dog is snoring, it might be time to get them on a diet and check out the vet. Dogs that snore are often overweight, which can lead to all sorts of health problems like diabetes or heart disease. And dogs with allergies may also have trouble sleeping at night because their respiratory system doesn’t work as well when they’re congested with allergens from grass or dust mites. See your veterinarian if you think this could be a problem for your canine companion!

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